Oladeji Afolabi

Experienced data analyst and application developer with a proven track record of leveraging technical expertise to drive data-driven solutions and enhance business performance. Equipped with a recent completion of the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, I am dedicated to applying my skills in a full-time role focused on data analytics.

Proficient in SQL, Python, Tableau, and other data analysis tools, with a strong emphasis on data scraping, cleaning, manipulation, and visualization. Skilled in generating meaningful insights and reports to inform decision-making processes. Adept communicator with a passion for delivering impactful presentations and collaborating effectively across cross-functional teams.

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Email: dejigegs@gmail.com

Phone: (+971)-50-135-3641

What I Know

My Skills


Python & R



Communication Skills

Presentation Skills

Problem-solving Skills

Attention to Details

Data Cleaning

Data Insights

Basic Business Maths

Dashboard & Reports


Checkout a few of my works

Flight Scraper

Automated Flight Data Extraction from Kayak Using Python, Tableau & SQL

Flight Scraper: Automate flight data extraction from Kayak, including prices, timings, and stopovers. Save as CSV and send results via email.

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Understanding Customer Patterns

A Customer Data Analysis Using Tableau

This project aimed to analyze customer data to gain insights into customer patterns and behaviors. The dataset, provided in CSV format, was analyzed using Tableau. By leveraging the capabilities of Tableau, I explored various aspects of the data to identify key trends and patterns in customer behavior.

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RFM Analysis of Sales Data Using Python, Tableau & SQL

Sales analytics is the practice of generating insights from sales data, trends, and metrics to set targets and forecast future sales performance. Sales analysis is mining your data to evaluate the performance of your sales team against its goals. It provides insights about the top performing and underperforming products.

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Churn Cohort Analysis Using SQL & Tableau

An Analysis using a sample data of 541,909 records

This is a churn and cohort analysis aimed at evaluating a company's customer churn (loss) rate in order to reduce it.

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Sentiment Analysis Using Python

An analysis of 9000+ tweets on Talabat company

This is a sentiment analysis based of scraped tweets about Talabat, to see the sentiment of users on the servo=ices of the company.

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Exploratory Data Analysis With Excel

An analysis of Top 1000 Highest Grossing Hollywood Movies

This analysis is to explore the trends in the highest rated Hollywood movies over the given year (1972 - 2021).

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Bellabeat Product Analysis With R

An analysis of Bellabeat, a wellness product company.

The analysis is to help the company unlock new growth opportunities with their products. Smart device data were analyzed to gain insight into how consumers are using their smart devices.

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